Josephines Social Club

Social Package

Josephine’s Social Package

Listen up biatches, Jospehine loves a drink as much as the next chick, so you best believe her number one drinks package is totally unrivalled! 2-4-1 wine? BORING. After a year in lockdown, we’re going hard, not home, so your liver better be ready to get abso-f*cking-lutely lit.

Get that peachy arse down to Josephine’s party pad and pucker up because those smackers better be ready to be wrapped around a martini glass…or 5. Yes, that’s right we’re bringing you bottomless cocktails because why the hell not? Pick between every girl’s favourite concoctions, we’ve got Pornstar Martinis, Espresso Martinis, Prosecco and Beer – whatever tickles your pickle.

There’s a reason Josephine’s cocktails are the talk of the town and now the price-tag is one of them. Our Social Club bottomless drinks package is the ideal choice for a babe on a budget – which means more money to spend on a killer outfit for the big occasion. After all, a photo with the sign is almost mandatory!

First time visiting Tonight Josephine? Make it one for the history books and join her for an evening on the bubblegum pink tiles. From the neon signs to the Insta-worthy interior, Josephine’s is the ONLY place to be for a day or night guzzling delicious cocktails with the gals.

Easy to book and even easier to swallow, our Social Package is available across all of our sites; Waterloo, Shoreditch and not forgetting our brand-new Birmingham joint. Packages can be pre-booked via the website! Simply fill out the form below, select ‘Social Club’ from the dropdown, sip back, relax and take the hassle out of ordering drinks.

When you turn up for your booking, you need not fret our bar babes will ensure that you’re always topped up with the tastiest drinks in town. Whether you pre-book online or request on the day; there’s only one rule at Josephine’s – slay, girl, slayyyyyy!