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Joséphine de Beauharnais


Joséphine knew what she wanted, she made her own rules and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. She started as a nobody but with sass, hustle and a little bit of luck, she became the Empress of the French.

After her first marriage ended with her husband’s brush with the guillotine, Joséphine was herself arrested but used cunning and seduction to get released the day before her own date with the blade.

Following this she lived life with the motto ‘c’est la fucking vie’ and didn’t hold back. She became a hedonistic It Girl, an unapologetic hot mess. A hit on the dance floor and great in the sack.

When she met Napoleon at a party, he was a penniless soldier but she had an eye for talent and seduced him.

They got hitched straight away in a hastily pulled together, Vegas-style wedding the night before Napoleon left for battle in Italy.

While Napoleon was off warmongering and womanising, she grew bored of playing the trophy wife and kept busy by throwing parties and taking a string of famous lovers. She eventually joined Napoleon the night before battle only to have her advances rebuffed by him, “Not Tonight Joséphine”.

When they finally split, she left the palace with a shitload of luggage, her entourage and a pet parrot. He still loved her until his death, her name being his very last word. Well behaved women don’t make history. Cocktails forever.


The joy of two for one on all cocktails, Peroni Rossa & glasses of Prosecco.
 Monday: 5pm – 7pm
Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm
Wednesday: 5pm – 7pm
Thursday: 4pm – 7pm
Friday: 4pm – 7pm
Saturday: No Happy Hour
Sunday: 5pm-7pm

Monday: N/A
Tuesday: N/A
Wednesday: 5pm – 8pm
Thursday: 5pm – 8pm
Friday: 3pm – 7pm
Saturday: 3pm – 6pm
Sunday: All night!


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