Grease – Too Pure To Be Pink – Bottomless Brunch

Grease - Too Pure To Be Pink - Bottomless Brunch


This brunch is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic…why it’s GREASE LIGHTNING!


Taking you back to the flirty ’50s, Josephine’s Grease Brunch is one hell of an electrifying show. Pulling out all the stops to fulfil your sassy high school fantasies, if your heart is set on booooze, this is the brunch for you.


In the words of righteous party queen, Rizzo, ‘she’s too pure to be pink,’ but rest assured, this brunch certainly isn’t. Firstly, you’ll be welcomed by a Pink Ladies cocktail reception. Think a lip-smackingly punchy cocktail with a whole lotta bad-ass attitude thrown in.


Next, you’ll take your seat and prepare to be transported into a Californian dream. Our very own sassy Sandy and debaucherous Danny will be taking the reigns and delivering you the drag show of your Godammn life! Expect rock ‘n’ roll infused lip-sync battles, dazzling dance-offs and above all, a whole lotta hand jivin’.


Tell me more, tell me more, what can I get at the bar?


Aside from your welcome cocktail, we’ll be throwing in bottomless bubbles and beer. Rock out with your beauty school pop-out and have a corker of a day.


Plus, it wouldn’t be a brunch without some suitably delicious grub. From smashed avo to breakfast burgers, these naughty nibbles are just what the doctor ordered.


Finally, we’ll be dishing out a prize for the best dressed Sandy and Danny. So, grab your 1950’s glad rags, dig out your leather pants and quiff that hair to perfection. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancin’ shoes!


In conclusion, there’s only one thing to do. Team up with your T-Birds and rally your Pink Ladies, because tickets WILL sell out.