Full House

Full House Bingo

Ever had the pleasure of delving into a day of drag hosted bingo? No? Well, buckle up baby, because bingo just got extra gag-worthy!


At Tonight Josephine Birmingham we’re coming in purse first and putting our dabbers down as we grab bingo by all 100 of its big shiny balls. We’re going one little duck and absolutely zero little f*cks. Join us every Thursday for a fun-filled night of kitsch bingo, built for babes and like you’ve never played before. 

Walk your legs eleven into Josephine’s not-so-humble abode and prepare your sick note for work in the morning. Hosted by two of Birmingham’s hottest drag queens, we’ll be dishing up a mixture of traditional bingo and flash bingo with a tonne of filthy prizes to be won. Whether you’re fighting for a full house or vying for a vertical, you gotta be in it to win it!

This ballsy bingo won’t be the only entertainment on the night. You didn’t think we’d invite our queens and not demand a lip-sync battle…did you? Oh hell no! Partaking in a whole host of sassy sing-alongs, our queens will be death dropping, tea spilling and shade-throwing. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. 

These queens ain’t just good at talking about balls, they make for great Disk Jockeys as well. Spinning the hottest tracks throughout your bingo session, you’ll be dancing, dabbing and downing shots in no time.

The best part of it all, it’s totally free! So, whether you’re swinging by for after-work drinks or catching up with the girl gang. Thursdays are the new Fridays and there’s only one place to be spending them. Hanging out with the hottest mess in town and her bingo-mad Band De Filles. 

Booking is essential, winning is possible, and a f***ing great time is one hundred percent guaranteed…Hell yeah!