Cornish Vodka Ranked Best In The World

Every year, the world’s most revered spirits enter a battle royale in San Francisco at the World Spirits Competition. It’s a highly competitive arena, and less than 1 per cent of the world’s distilleries have garnered the highest accolade of Double Gold standard. But while we associate vodka with Russia, Poland, a Cornish potato vodka, [...]

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How To Have The Perfect Picnic

Summer is here, and eased lockdown measures mean we can once again go and meet our friends, and what better idea than an afternoon of gentrified drinking and sandwiches in the park? Whether you love it loathe the idea of a picnic, with wasps floating in your warm drink, no toilets and stray footballs booted [...]

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Cocktails: The Perfect Addition To A Picnic

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the return of nights out on the town with our besties, sipping delicious cocktails that we haven’t made in our kitchens, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some socially distanced fun now that we’re allowed to meet up with a couple of mates. As the Guardian recently pointed out, picnics [...]

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Lockdown Happy Hour Drinkers Prefer Vodka

According to a survey from Bacardi, vodka is the spirit of choice for making cocktails at home for Brits, followed by gun and rum. The survey, conducted by the Bermuda-based white rum manufacturer, was directed towards 1,017 adults aged between 25 to 65 through a Perspectus Global internet poll over the May bank holiday weekend, [...]

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Cocktails of Hollywood

With everyone staying home and staying safe, the main pastime is sitting on the sofa, getting some snacks ready, and switching on Netflix to watch a movie (or two). The film industry is widely known as featuring some classic and original cocktails to fit with the personality of their lead character. If you’re at home [...]

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Cake In A Cocktail, Anyone?

Who doesn’t love cake and who doesn’t love cocktails? They’re two of life’s very greatest pleasures, so it was really only a matter of time before they were combined to make one powerhouse of a dessert cocktail, perfect for a tasty treat after supper. Check out this caramel cheesecake martini on the Happy Food Healthy [...]

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8 Cocktail Cabinet Essentials

While we’re all either self-isolating or socially distancing ourselves at the moment to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it’s down to us to keep ourselves well entertained while all our favourite pubs and bars have temporarily shut up shop. And this is likely to mean, for some of you at least, lots of drinking [...]

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