Espresso Martini Named UK’s Favourite Cocktail

//Espresso Martini Named UK’s Favourite Cocktail

Espresso Martini Named UK’s Favourite Cocktail

There is so much more to a classic cocktail than just a simple blend of spirit, mixer and ice. Mixologists have spent years perfecting their craft and their drinks so that we can enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

When you begin to explore the origins and history of the world’s best-loved boozy blends, some fascinating stories and traditions emerge from the birth of Margarita in the 1930s to the creation of Aperol Spritz in ‘20s Italy.

Whether it’s a Martini, Old Fashioned, or a Negroni, many of the world’s best-loved cocktails have been passed down through the generations, with the recipes crossing continents to spend across the globe.

Wherever you travel, whatever country you may find yourself in, you’ll discover that cocktail preferences can differ from place to place. It’s one of the things that makes sampling different cocktails on your travels and holidays such a wonderful way to get a taste for local flavours and even traditions.

The UK’s favourite cocktails are the Espresso Martini, Mojito, and Piña Colada, which outshone classics such as the Aperol Spritz, the most popular cocktail in Europe, and the second most favourite in the world.

As for other countries, there are some interesting connections. Brazil’s most famous cocktail, the Caipirinha, is Portugal’s favourite drink, marking the history and cultural link between the two nations.

In Japan, the Highball is favoured above any other cocktail and is the only country to do so. Despite the Mojito coming originally from Cuba, it is Italy’s most popular cocktail, outranking homegrown mixes such as Aperol Spritz and Negroni.

What’s your favourite cocktail? Come and join us in our Shoreditch cocktail bar, where expert mixologists can show you tastes of the world!

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