How To Have The Perfect Picnic

//How To Have The Perfect Picnic

How To Have The Perfect Picnic

Summer is here, and eased lockdown measures mean we can once again go and meet our friends, and what better idea than an afternoon of gentrified drinking and sandwiches in the park?

Whether you love it loathe the idea of a picnic, with wasps floating in your warm drink, no toilets and stray footballs booted across your picnic spread, meeting outdoors is where it’s at this summer if you want to socialise with social distancing. So how can you bring your picnic A-game?

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to picnic food, so apart from a couple of sandwich tips, we won’t dwell too much on that!

It can be easier to make sandwiches on-site, instead of discovering squashed and sweaty clingfilm wrapped sarnies when you arrive. Although if you do prefer to make them at home, a handy tip is that a Pringles tube makes an excellent baguette transportation tube! A bottle of water kept in the freezer overnight and then put in your picnic bag will keep everything cold.

Also, please grill responsibly, and, if possible, invest in EcoGrills which, instead of plastic-wrapped, fuel-soaked charcoal in a throwaway aluminium pan, are made from 100 per cent biodegradable alder wood and claim a 2½-hour cooking time

Now for the important part – drinks!

If bringing booze from home (instead of buying it on the way), pre-chilled drinks should stay cool for a little while, but the same frozen bottle of water trick will keep them cooler. A controversial tip, for wine drinkers, is to chill a bottle of white until nearly frozen before leaving, so it’s perfectly chilled on arrival!

Batch making cocktails and keeping them in a Thermos flask is an excellent way of bringing you favourite drinks without having to start mixing and shaking while feeding off wasps and friendly dogs.

Most importantly, remember to take your trash home with you, never leave it in the park for others to pick up.

While we hope you have a happy time in the park, you’ll soon be able to enjoy happy hour in Waterloo, London again, and we are taking bookings from 4 July!

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