Cocktails: The Perfect Addition To A Picnic

//Cocktails: The Perfect Addition To A Picnic

Cocktails: The Perfect Addition To A Picnic

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the return of nights out on the town with our besties, sipping delicious cocktails that we haven’t made in our kitchens, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some socially distanced fun now that we’re allowed to meet up with a couple of mates.

As the Guardian recently pointed out, picnics are likely to be a staple social activity this summer, as you can get out in the fresh air, stay the required two metres from your mates and at least interact face to face rather than via a screen.

The newspaper suggested that you dust off your trusty thermos, although rather than filling it with a warming beverage you can use it to keep your drinks cool, and that makes it perfect for cocktails.

If you’re planning to take a batch of cocktails to the park for a picnic with your friends, the key is to make a drink that’s easy to mix and that doesn’t require any fancy presentation (obviously). Among the suggestions are a batch of negronis, but we think that any number of classic cocktails could work in this way. As it’s summer, don’t forget that old favourite Pimms.

You could even all agree to bring different cocktails so you can try different flavours (or just stick to what you know you like).

Until you’re able to spend an evening enjoying the cocktail bars in Shoreditch, this could be your next best option.

Need some inspiration for easy cocktails to make at home and enjoy in the park? Check out the suggestions made by Insider recently, which recommended the likes of gimlets, palomas and Moscow mules because they all require minimal ingredients and simple equipment to create.

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