Lockdown Happy Hour Drinkers Prefer Vodka

//Lockdown Happy Hour Drinkers Prefer Vodka

Lockdown Happy Hour Drinkers Prefer Vodka

According to a survey from Bacardi, vodka is the spirit of choice for making cocktails at home for Brits, followed by gun and rum.

The survey, conducted by the Bermuda-based white rum manufacturer, was directed towards 1,017 adults aged between 25 to 65 through a Perspectus Global internet poll over the May bank holiday weekend, and released in time for World Cocktail Day on 13 May, reports The Spirits Business

The poll found that 35 per cent preferred vodka for their cocktails, with 33 per cent choosing gin, and 23 per cent favoured rum. 43 per cent of respondents to the poll have made cocktails at home since the start of the lockdown.

The most popular cocktail for Zoom drinks was the rum-based Mojito, followed by the Piña Colada and the Margarita.

Over half of respondents believe the cocktail hour has had a revival during the lockdown, with the time most people were likely to have a virtual cocktail party with friend and family was 7.30 pm, according to the survey.

27 per cent said they will likely continue hosting virtual cocktail hours with friends and family even after the lockdown has been lifted.

31 per cent of virtual happy hour revellers have enjoyed digital drinks as a means to keep in touch with friends, and 21 per cent say they have dressed up for the occasion. 29 per cent of respondents say they have used specialist cocktail glasses, and 27 per cent using a cocktail shaker.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of those polled have enjoyed non-alcoholic or low-alcohol cocktails, the most popular of which were Virgin Piña Coladas, Virgin Mojitos and Virgin Marys. 41 per cent of respondents between 25 and 34 say they have consumed low- and no-alcohol drinks.

Hopefully, we will see you soon at a non-virtual happy hour in Waterloo, London, and we can enjoy cocktails and mocktails together!

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