Cocktails of Hollywood

//Cocktails of Hollywood

Cocktails of Hollywood

With everyone staying home and staying safe, the main pastime is sitting on the sofa, getting some snacks ready, and switching on Netflix to watch a movie (or two). The film industry is widely known as featuring some classic and original cocktails to fit with the personality of their lead character. If you’re at home watching films such Cocktail, or The Big Lewbowski, and wishing you could go out to your favourite cocktail bar in Waterloo and order what caught your eye, fear not! Here are some simple cocktails as featured in the movies that can be easily made at home.


White Russian

  • Mixing equal parts of coffee liquor and vodka to equal parts milk and cream over ice, you can imagine laying on a carpet in your dressing gown. Or, as we’re all at home and there are no judgements held here, you can take this cocktail and live the famous scene from The Big Lewbowski in your own home!



  • Perfect for girls night on video chat, this cocktail made from vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice and Cointreau is great to have whilst catching up with the ladies, just like the Sex and the City girls. This cocktail will make you feel fancy and chic after weeks of being in your pyjamas.


French 75

  • An absolute classic, made famous in Casablanca, that is very light and easy to make. Made up of prosecco, gin, lemon juice and sugar, this cocktail takes you back to the early 20th century where this cocktail would be enjoyed in speakeasies and other underground drinking holes. However, with all the good weather we have been seeing during the pandemic, this cocktail would be perfect in the sunshine.
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