8 Cocktail Cabinet Essentials

//8 Cocktail Cabinet Essentials

8 Cocktail Cabinet Essentials

While we’re all either self-isolating or socially distancing ourselves at the moment to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it’s down to us to keep ourselves well entertained while all our favourite pubs and bars have temporarily shut up shop.

And this is likely to mean, for some of you at least, lots of drinking at home. This is actually a good opportunity to hone your own mixologist skills, so why don’t you head to the shops before the UK goes into lockdown (which is looking increasingly likely day by day) to stock up on some of your favourite tipples and make sure your time in quarantine is as fun as it can be.

If you’re putting a cocktail cabinet together for the first time, there are a few essentials you absolutely must include or you could find yourself with a few sub-standard drinks in your hands.

Make sure you stock up on Angostura bitters, for one thing. This is a feature in lots of different cocktails and you’re sure to need it sooner rather than later – and you can even use it elsewhere in the kitchen, in everything from homemade ice cream to mixing a few drops in with your morning cup of coffee.

You’ll also need a range of different glasses to suit the cocktails you’ll be making. Make sure you have highballs (taller glasses), as well as coupes (for the likes of martinis and so on) and both single and double rocks glasses (for any spirits served on the rocks).

Sugar syrup is useful to have to sweeten up any drinks you’re making, while grenadine can add a splash of colour if needed. You might also want to make sure you have the likes of cherries and olives to hand for garnish.

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